About me

Born and raised in Haiti, as a child, it seemed like I never paid close attention in the classroom. Seemingly in my own world of doodles and drawings in which back then, I love to draw. Using pencil and sheet of paper to draw animated cartoons, the teachers, classmates while in class …

In my High School years tons and point of views are changed, a little more focus, and a very different mindset. Back in Haiti, we called it “Philosophe” “Philo” “Baccalaureate” …

Traveled to the US 10-15 years ago. I went to College graduated with an AS in Applied Management from Everest University and later get back to Miami Dade College where I originally fall in love with the politics, I started and graduated in International Relations & Affairs…Soon I finished, started my first website on WordPress to share some political views, news, ideas and reveal some detailed examination of the world.

I do the work I do because I love it. I like the industry. I like to gain and share ideas. I like to talk shop also. I embrace every aspect of politics. My website does not embrace any political party, it is an independent outlet in which we have pro’s and con’s, but most of the time neutral.

Hopefully, we cross paths in the real world someday and we can make it a better place together.